The SSM! Home Theater #1: Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Hello and welcome back to yet another edition of the SSM! series!

And obviously, this here is the "What are we currently watching" portion of this blog post.
I wanted the best,

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is about, well GENE SIMMONS!
The bassist from KISS!

The Icon!

The Rock God!

The Demon!

God Of Thunder!


All of that!
And his more than lovely family.
Someone actually uploaded a good number of episodes from Season 1.
Which is viewable via the link below.

Despite being on Youtube. It's not really all that embeddable here on our site hence the boring ass text link.
But that could pretty much give you an idea as to how the show goes.

This was actually one of THE last TV series we've ever watched before we ended up cancelling our cable subscription. I guess we've seen two season's worth of episodes before the said cancellation.

Well basically, It's your typical reality TV show. But unlike the Kardashians, the Kate Plus 8s and what have yous. You'd actually care for Gene and his family. Because they really are THAT genuine and a good role models for parents. Gene & Shannon's parenting skills are a healthy mix of the traditional and the contemporary. In effect, both Sophie & Nick had grown up very close to their parents. And mind you, both had eventually became refined and socially active individuals on their own. No bratty or inappropriate behaviors whatsoever. Which is quite admirable, really!

Every episode starts off with a comedic title card skit,
Couch reaction shots from the various family members (Aunt Tracy included).
And various video clips from the family's personal collection.

Despite the hectic touring/guesting schedules,
and the various other courtesy calls/ business meetings that Gene has to tend to.
And will you look at that! It's Kayden Kross?

Kayden Kross, y'know!
NOOOO, not him!
There you go, that's more like it!

It's the normal "daily life-doing chores" part that separates GSFJ from all other reality TV families. And Despite having the reputation of a womanizer, every scene with Gene and his mother Florence is truly inspiring and quite admirable.
There are very good lessons to be learned and right when you least expect it.
Like for example, as early as the first episode of Season 3. We've learned about how much Snippy (the family dog) meant to Gene.
And more grave matters like Gene's irregular heart rates.
All of which are very much normal people problems. They do get sick and they do get hurt but once they come back, they are always even better than ever.
It's that healthy mix of the luxurious life and the more candid moments at home that makes the show amusing and quite endearing to watch.
I mean sure, Gene does live the high life when touring, guesting and doing his various KISS related business ventures but at home he's definitely like most dads out there. Joking around, having fun and just being there for the family.

And just in case you were wondering, Gene did pass the Lie Detector Test.
And you know who DIDN'T?
We've seen 5-6 episodes from the said season. And we just had to voluntarily stop ourselves because it's getting too darn addictive and we're eventually not gonna be able to get things done around the house so yeah...

This was the last episode where I stopped.
Wherein Gene had to get ready for his big Las Vegas show.
While  Shannon, Tracy and Sophie had to personally visit various KISS fans
to purchase and eventually replace the various water damaged KISS memorabilia.
And hey, it's the Carlos Agassi of America.
But then again, you better shut up because he fuck'n owns Las Vegas!

Funniest moment from the said 2 part episode:
All in all, I highly recommend the series. Too bad that it ended after Season 7. But then again, t'would best for them to do so, with both Nick & Sophie having their own personal lives to live after college and being a reality TV stars isn't really all that wonderful to a person's physical and mental health to begin with. So yeah....

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