Da Kronikles Of Darna

Ever since they've announced that Liza Soberano would be playing Darna, the internet (or more specifically the Sober-adiks) immediately lost their minds.
And since the said topic is still white hot as of the moment, we might as well cash in on the said craze.
But instead of jumping on the bandwagon(like a total idiot) by just showcasing a bunch of random folks with art skills.
We opted to bring the character back to it's komik roots.
Hence for this list, we would ONLY be featuring Komikeros & Komikeras.
Since these are the only names that matters to us.
We're terribly sorry, non-komiks making individuals!
You're all very talented and all but it is what it is!

Newer artworks would be added in upon when/wherever they might pop up from.
But it would also help if you could comment in your links down below.
Thank you and ENJOY THE SHOW!

By Julius Villanueva.
By Mervin Malonzo.
By Redg Vicente.
By Ian Sta. Maria.
By Bernce Llamo.
By Arnold Arre.
By JM Valenzuela.
By Hulyen.
By Wan Mananita.
By Tristan Yuvienco.
By Tintin Pantoja.
By Erick Reyes.
By Keith Sicat (Kamao Komiks).
By Chapel Dark (Dark Chapel) of SSM!HEY-YO! That's us!
And our personal favorite:
By Francis "Kong" Martelino.

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