Best Of E3 2017

Howdy-ho, internet peeps!
Hot off the press and straight out from E3 2017!
Here are SSM!'s personal picks from that said gaming convention.
And to avoid biases, we're limiting our picks to 2 titles per console.
And with that in mind. Let's begin, shall we?

It's your friendly neighborhood Marvel superhero and looking sharper than ever!
And yes, you've heard that right! Fresh from of Civil War, Spider-Man is now back to being Marvel's property. No more Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and all these sub-par Spider-men.
Make way for Tom
But wait, this Spider-Man game is not a movie tie-in. Despite it looking very promising and all.

Back to it's comic book roots for the said game would feature
both Miles Morales and Peter Parker. Because quite frankly
the very last Spider-Man game we ever played were these.

And that last one wasn't even a legit Spider-Man game. But both games were published by
Activision. The same publisher who brought us this gem:


Yes, we have two strong entries from Sony!
This here be a remake of a PS2 classic. Amped up and remastered for the current generation.
Now I haven't really played the original game extensively but I'm pretty sure WACKY RODENT is pretty fired up about this title hence the 5th spot in our countdown. And he even played the original Japanese version which was curiously enough entitled: WANDER
and the colossus.
And I'm pretty sure it would still be as equally difficult to scale any of those 16 colossi. But at least the jerky movements would no longer be an issue this time around.
And hopefully they've included the 17th Colossus.
Say what now, that was merely a myth?
And speaking of mining on our PS2 nostalgia. They've also released this game.

Ubisoft (quite like Nintendo) is also on a roll on this year's E3.
Back with cursing monkeys, pigs and what have yous....

Microsoft had also just released their overly expensive console called the XBOX ONE X.

Priced at $500.
That's pretty pricey for a gaming console, hopefully the games are well-worth it.


This was surprisingly good despite us having no knowledge about it.

This second game reminds us heavily of the Blade Runner movie. And speaking of which:

Spoiler Alert: Dave "Drax The Destroyer" Batista's in it!

Also it seems that Microsoft' had been taking cues from the Steam and several other indie publisher since most of their titles has that artsy and experimental vibe to it. Not exactly a bad thing but a potentially risky one, all the more on an overly expensive console. But what the hey, it's from Microsoft. And Bill Gates won't really be losing any sleep over our petty discussions and indecision.

Nintendo finally got their act together to release not just 1 but 2 Metroid games.
Well the other one is just some boring ass title screen teaser. Hence this is the trailer we've decided to showcase instead. It's on a 2.5D plane and the presentation reminds me heavily of yet another action side-scrolling game for the SNES entitled Majuu Ou.
The 2.5D is really making a huge comeback, which can also be viewed as a good thing since we would like to believe that everyone is getting sick and tired of the same 3D perspective we've been treated to ever since 2-3 consoles ago. And we get it, 3D is indeed the preferred look in more advanced consoles but it does comes a time that it does get a bit stale and the presentation losses its charm and eventually it's overall identity.


It's Mario acting all Patrick Swayze like.
What not to love?
And with Pauline singing the theme song of the game, that seems to be a big deal as well.
Big of a deal that the internet lost their collective minds and just made this game the #1 trending topic worldwide. And it should be, for it really is such a promising game.

Posses a random New Donker, posses a T-REX. Everything seems possible and there is also this other crossover game:

It really is a big comeback year for Nintendo.
They're finally broken off that stereotypical family friendly crowd and charming the older gamers with their familiar titles but with an edgier twist. We're seriously looking forward to most of the titles that we've featured in today. Now, if only we could afford a Nintendo Switch..

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