Mathanos Ang Ilong Ni Meio

Groot was indeed a support character for Rocket and Thanos looking all the more Darkseid-ey than ever!

But amidst all the commotion, GRANDMASTER MEIO's was also in the trailer.
I think it's cool that yet another forgotten Capcom villain (ok not really owned by Capcom but made more famous by them. Moto Kikaku would still always be credited and a separate copyright would always be visible on the title screen ) steals the show from an already established roster. Hopefully he's one of the side bosses for this game. And hopefully he remembers to dodge Strider Hiryu's Cypher blade. He seems to be on a receiving end of it for the last 2-3 games ago.
You could say that these story trailers are starting to shape up like a crossover Avengers movie of sorts. A very possible movie tie-in with the upcoming Infinity War movies,  I guess?

A very likely possibility now that GOTG characters are being thrown into the mix.

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