SSM! Redesigns TRESE.

So this is TRESE as re-imagined by the folks at SSM!
NOW, we haven't read a single page of TRESE so that makes
us like "THE PERFECT" group to do this re-imagining hullabaloo.

These redesigns/re-imaginings are unofficial and unrelated
to the actual characters from the series and were merely
done out of respect and pure admiration. Any similarities
to existing story lines and designs were purely coincidental.

So here are a few of our very own ideas for a prequel or an entire
alternate universe if you may.

First off we give you a KID TRESE named DOSE.*snerk*

Then she gets kidnapped by cybernetically enhanced cyclopean kapres.
Which would turnout to be hollow shells (under a magical trance) thus are actually rideable weapons of destruction. Thus ignites her passion for the occult and gives her that fearless attitude we all knew and love.

Now the KAMBALS shouldn't even look human or even blood related.
They should be like TWINS IN ACTION.
Kinda like the DOUBLE DRAGON Brothers.

The other one should've been a policeman,
while the other should've been a tandem criminal.

Yeah, the blondie
would die some generic death as to still go with the whole TWINS equation.

Cliche as it may seem that's the way we would've made them met each other.

Now we all knew about the iconic masks that the KAMBALS wore althroughout the
TRESE franchise. But there should also be like a village elder as to whom
they got their mask from.Enter APOLAKI.
And turns out those masks were made out of some special NGA-NGA.
The nga-nga is indestructible and uncorruptible by dark magic.

So that's about it. Those are the only one we could come up with on such
a short notice.Stick around folks as we redesign yet another set of character
from a familiar franchise. But until then, keep those pencils sharp and

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