Chronicles Of A Mangero

So here are a few of the books that we were lucky enough to buy from the "HALINA"
place.(Please refer to the last entry to understand the reference.)

We've visited the place thrice and have always alotted a P500.00 budget so as
not to overspend our salary and so that we'd still have a lil' bit more for ourselves
and to help out with our family duties.

So here they are. In the exact order that they were bought.

A lot of the books purchased were all great and all. But nothing could probably
surpass these 3 books right here.
A series of one-shots before and after he shot to fame with
ever familiar tites like DR. SLUMP or DRAGONBALL.
Amongst the 3, we are most proud of VOL. 2.
With titles like "PINK" "THE ADVENTURES OF TONG POO" & "MR.HO".
A lot of which would serve as an archetype as to when
he'd create his megahit, DRAGON BALL & DRAGONBALL Z.

Another curious little critter is a book called HETTAPI.
Which is in essence, is a HOW TO DRAW MANGA book as taught by
Mr. Toriyama himself.

He and his avatar (Toribot) would make various appearances honing
and training the ever so innocent Hettapi as he shoots his way to manga stardom.
The tutorial ranges from beginners to intermediate.From amateurs to professional.
Topics like the proper way of toning,
The right kind of pencils,
a guide as to how to draw splash pages,
were all discussed in details and given the full toriyama treatment.
The last few pages were, which we can only speculate are fan submissions
then reviewed and critiqued by toriyama himself.He'd offer helpful suggestions
and various theories on how a particular scene could've been condensed or
made better.

On this particular issue of DRAGONBALL, we got to see the very first appearance of
everybody's favorite hot-headed blonde :LAUNCH. She fighs and she bites.
We love her to bits.
So it would only seem right for us to buy the book on those grounds alone.

Is very much your average ARALE doing various types of shenanigans(like playing
with poop and flashing her non existing breasts) issue.
What caught our attention was the art itself since this was pre-dragonball z days
most of the art within are rather cute and we dare say it,rather "KID-FRIENDLY".

The only fightings on this issue are bonks to the head and the ocassional
non-threatening violence.We strongly recommend these books for dem conservative parents.
It's sweet,it's innocent, your kids will love it.
The AZUMANGA DIAOH book's also a good find and it closely ressembles it's
animated counterpart.You'd know you bought a good book when you
don't understand a word from what your reading and yet it would be able to
make you laugh and stuff.

Another experience would be arousal.The sexual kind...
Although a lil' HARD (pun intended) to believe at first,
hentai mangas are at times as good as their animated counterparts.
And it's those simple linearts and believable poses that sends blood
rushing down to that other "HEAD" you use for pissing.

Now, we'd no longer discuss these books in details because they are
practically the same and describing them would be like telling a
blind or deaf guy that porn is boner-inducing.It would be just a waste of
time.Of ours and yours. You just had to see these things for yourselves.

The "something something" CRUSH book is your average CUTEY HONEY clone with
bonus colored pin-ups of the female characters at the last
few pages of the book. It was a decent book...
The one with the "tits and asses flying around" book is an erotic strip compilation.
There are alot of great self explanatory scenes within the book and
you don't need to be able to read japanese to have a mighty boner. Definitely worth
the purchase.
Cynthia The Mission #9. Is your average fighting girl manga.
The fight scenes are rather easy to understand which is always a good thing in these types of book.
Has a couple of colored pages every now and then.
Bought the book due to the last few pages of it.We wouldn't wanna reveal what's in it but it definitely
ties the book together and ultimately making it a worthy purchase.

Eagle-faced butler #2. Is a highly stylized action manga set in some post-apocalyptic
europe with various soldiers and stuff. The lead character is from what
we can tell is a spy of some sort.It's a weird book. But what saved it was it's
unique and one of a kind interior art.If you've read books like JING : THE KING
OF BANDITS then you'd definitely get a kick out of reading this one.

Jumping wrestler girl #5. Is well...about a jumping wrestler girl that
wrestles everything that moves.No one was spared from cat-faced students, to a generic american women and even to the ever popular fishnet stocking-ed santa claus. The occasional groping and
ripping of clothes then laughing out loud is definitely a staple amongst these kinds
of stories.And when she's not wrestling people, she's your average normal looking high school girl
with average problems like boys and peer pressure and of course, BOYS! But that's too darn boring.
We really just bought it for the wrestling parts and nothing else.
Big boobed glasses chick #1. Is about a big-boobed chick with glasses.
Turns out that the girl is actually a professor.So imagine SECRET PLOT sans
the hardcore scenes then there you go, that's about as detailed as we can get
on describing this particular manga.The art is pretty good. Remember our arousal
topic as mentioned before...you'd get a lot of those in here.

And last but not the least would be GO-GO HEAVEN #1. Which is basically
an erotic journey to the west
(if you've seen and liked the hentai movie entitled THE KARMA SAIYUKI,then you're in for a treat.)
with a baby goku and her priestess/wet nurse/ baby
sitter.The actions are fast-paced and the art is definitely top-notch.Our favorite
part of the book would be the "DANCING MUSHROOM CHAPTER".
It starts well and it ends well.
Though you'd kinda wish there was more since the baby goku would eventually
grow on ya.And between all the lesbian scenes and automaton sex, the boneriffic
baby is probably the normalest character within the series.

So that's about it on this installment of our review.
Catch us again soon,same SSM! time & same SSM! channel.


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