After 25 : The Afterparty Special

So here are the 5 more works that should've made it in the list we did back then.

Which list,
you may so naively ask?
Here's a link to the past...if you may!


Special attention would be given to that other man with the gloves.
The gentleman boxer, DUDLEY.
There, there DUDLEY! There,there!
As whom should've been included in the first place but was excluded due to
time and numerological constraints.

So here it is again, without further ado.
1. Dudley, M.Bison/ Master Bison( Street Fighter III : New Generation, Street Fighter II)
2. Hakan, Poison, Hugo (Super Street Fighter IV, Final Fight)
3. Sean ( Street Fighter III : New Generation)
4. Evil Zangief, Evil Sakura, Mike Haggar, Darun Mister, Crackerjack (
Marvel Super Heroes v.s Street Fighter, Final Fight, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus)
5. Yun, Gen, Yang ( Street Fighter III : New Generation, Street Fighter/ Fighting Street, Street Fighter III : New Generation)
And that's about it. That's the last from that particular series.
You can now rest easy humble netizens of the web for the grueling matches are
all over. Time to take it easy,
lick those open wounds
and be prepared for the next inevitable battle.

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