Street Fighter's 25th Anniversary Tribute Art


Welcome friends, strangers, art appreciators and possibly future clients.
This here is the 25 pieced collection by SSM!'s very own

Done chronologically in the order that they were accomplished.
Done on each day, everyday after AUG.31,2012.
Feast your eyes on these works of art,
for this is how you do TRIBUTE ART PIECES.

So step aside,ya bunch of amateurs!
Let a FAMILE man show you how it's done!
The RIGHT way, the SSM! way!
But enough talk,have at you...
1. Urien (Street Fighter III : Second Impact)
2. Shin Akuma (Street Fighter Alpha/ Zero 2)
3. Gill (Street Fighter III : New Generation)
4. Sodom/ Katana (Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2/Street Fighter '89 aka Final Fight)
5. Poison (Street Fighter X Tekken/ Street Fighter '89 aka Final Fight)
6. Chun-Li (Street Fighter II)
7. Alex (Street Fighter III : New Generation)
8. Makoto (Street Fighter III : Third Strike)
9. Eagle (Street Fighter/ Fighting Street)
10. Rufus (Street Fighter IV)
11. Juri Han (Super Street Fighter IV)
12. Bloody Hokuto ( Street Fighter EX Plus)
13. Rose (Street Fighter Alpha 2)
14. Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3)
15. Cammy ( Cannon Spike)
16. Elena, Balrog, T.Hawk, E. Honda, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Sagat,
Dan, Gouken, Charlie(Nash), Oro, Ibuki, Skull-O-Mania, Abel, Akuma
(Street Fighter III, Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II,
X-men v.s. Street Fighter, Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter
Alpha/Zero, Street Fighter III : New Generation, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter IV,
X-men : Children Of The Atoms)

17. Pullum Purna (Street Fighter EX )
18. Crimson Viper/ Maya (Street Fighter IV)
19. Ken/ Kevin Striker (Street Fighter 2010 : The Final Fight)
20. Birdie (Street Fighter/ Fighting Street)
21. Hsien-Ko (Super Puzzle Fighter II/ Darkstalkers)
22. Tessa (Pocket Fighter/ Red Earth aka Warzards)
23. Sakura, Ingrid, Karin (Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 Max)
24. Ryu, Cyber Akuma (X-men v.s. Street Fighter)
25.Evil Ryu, Violent Ken, Juni, Doctrine Dark, Rolento F. Schugerg/ Laurent, Master Bison, Chun-Li,Cody, Vega, Remy, El Fuerte, Twelve, Q, Blair Dame, Seth (Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2, SNK v.s. CAPCOM Chaos, Street Fighter Alpha/Zero3, Street Fighter EX, Final Fight/ Street Fighter '89, Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III :  Third Strike, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter III :  Third Strike, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter IV)

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