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From one LI to another LI.
And no, not like THAT!
But rather, like THIS!
Yes, it's that time of the month!
YES, our period!
But other than that, it's time once again to honor SSM's chosen BABE OF THE MONTH.

We've comb through the interweb,
searching far and wide.
Each pokemon to understand....the power that's inside!

(It's funny because she's fat!)
But alas, poor Yorick!
Our search came to a grinding halt and it being Women's Month.We had to up the ante and post something raunchy but with substance. Hence we are more than proud to introduce SSM's Babe Of The Month for March 2016. It's none other than the proud Filipina MIA LI!
Love your own, di ba nga?
So, underoos!
Time to get hard!
YES, down there!
Even further.....

There you go!

Getting strong now,
Won't be long now,
Gonna fly now,
Flying high now,
Recommended videos:
And as always, your MOMENT OF ZEN!
We did mention this entry being a little different and a tad more on the informative side.
Hence here are some other Mia related factoids you might have overlooked because you are one hypocritical/judgmental prick:

She's a dog lover and that's always a good thing (Hi Bonnie!):
She's physically fit (so she WILL and CAN legitimately kick your butt):
But still caring and motherly enough to nurse you back to health:
She plays a mean ass ukelele:

Is also involved in several other social experiments, fights the good fight and speaks her mind about the misguided condom laws in California. #Calosha

And oh, she also does have her own youtube channel. Filled with helpful tutorials like:

And now for something really serious!

She sweet, smart, tech-savvy and really entertaining.
Follow her @ the following social media accounts. It's for your own good!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovemsmiali/
Tumblr: http://mialitheentertainer.tumblr.com/

With that in mind, we conclude this collection with something smart as it is sexy.

It's the best of both worlds, kinda like HANNAH MONTANA!

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