Moves Like Asa

Previous SSM! Babe Of The Month.
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Evelyn Linhttp://silentsanctummanga.blogspot.com/2013/08/evelyn-im-shuffln.html

and now, we're here!
What better way to usher in the love month by reminding everyone of their favorite past time...
Ok not really, but it DOES involve BALLS.
Ok, it does involves you doing some crazy up and down motion.
Ok, let's quit beating around the bush...
It's jerking off!
But you knew that already.
So without further ado, here is SSM's Babe Of The Month for FEBRUARY 2014.
We present to you ALINA LI.
Well, who's she and what's the big deal about her.
Well, THIS!
And if you frequented sites like xvideos.com, you've probably seen her animated gif.
Yup, that's her alright!
Time to go down south and check on the goodies.
And she is being praised and  hailed as the next Asa Akira.
But quite frankly I am not a strong believer of successors but HOT DAMN, the internetz could really be on to something!

But seriously speaking, ASA would be ASA.
And with pics like THESE.
She is most definitely irreplaceable in our hearts.
And as usual, we end our collection with some deliciously animated gifs.
And that's the last of 'em.
Be sure to follow her on twitter.
And like her on facebook.
Catch us again next time. Same SSM! place, same SSM! channel.
Thank you and CUM again....
and again....
and again....
and AGAIN!

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