Balitang News

Some possibly heart breaking news for folks that wishes nothing more than our permanent artistic demise!
WE'RE BACK, mofos!
And even better than ever!
How so? Let me count the ways....

1. Had recently won us some free swag courtesy of Pancho Karambola's raffle. 
Thanks Mike Banting!

2. Had produce twice as many stickers and is currently pursuing a career in BOMBEROLOGY!
3. Got paid for our very first online commission.

Our future's looking SOOO bright hence we needed to wear shades.
We are more than thankful for friends that got our back and a self-motivation that is unmatched like Mr. Perfect's athletic prowess.
There's no stopping the SSM! train from here on out.
The madness could not be contained, it WILL and EVENTUALLY RISE TO THE TOP!
Hence, a fair warning for folks and their momentary period of ecstasy.
PROTIP: Make sure our casket are closed.
Because if not, then you're gonna have a bad time!
Make sure that the nails are hammered in properly or we might have to go OLD TESTAMENT on you.
And we sure as hell ain't in a forgiving mood so you better watch out, holmes!
Now can you dig that, sucka?
Then good!

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