Booker Tee Tee

Just a collection of books we purchased over the weekends.
Budgeted properly using our monthly salary.
Wow! Much books, such savings!
First up is the Wolverine & Far Side Compilation.
The Wolverine comic book was significantly smaller than your average comic book with it's trimmed
sides and what not. I swear to god that it had that "dummy booklet used by the printing press" look to it.
It's nothing to write home about. But I seriously liked the first story though.
And the art looks spectacular as well.
The same couldn't be said about the main story though (from 
which the cover was based from).

Everyone has that constipated look on their faces.
And judging from what I could remember, this was
THE same artist from the Countdowns to New 52 comic books that I had religiously collected back
then.The style seemed tailor-made strictly  for DC Character. Applying the same aesthetic choices on Marvel characters just didn't carry the same magic and is a bit disappointing to look at.

And seriously speaking, anyone expecting some 30++ pages worth of Wolverine on Wolverine action (as what the really REALLY misleading Skottie Young cover might have suggested)
would be twice as disappointed that it only contained 3 pages worth of fight and a not all that
exciting exchange either.
The Power Pack story is and the only saving grace from this entire fiasco.
For serious Wolverine collectors only and if you're not then  please refrain from picking this
one up.

The Far Side Compilation is what you'd expect from books of similar nature.
And the said compilation actually delivers. With funny scenes like THESE (to name a few):
It isn't exactly "THE" definitive collection but a must have for any Gary Larson collectors, hoarders
and completist.

Next up are THESE 4 badboys from Japan Selections (Starmall Branch).
Priced @ P100.00 per tankobon.
These are the three One Pieces and one Recca No Honoo (Flame Of Recca) tankobons that we have
meticulously picked all afternoon. It took us forever but we do refuse to go over our budget hence
4 books would have to do for now.

#21 was from the Alabasta Arc. Basically it's Sanji vs Mr.2, Nami vs Ms. Doublefingers (Nami's very first 1 on 1 fight) and Mr.1 vs Zoro. So basically it's one big fighting issue and a whole lot of fighting makes Dark Chapel a happy boy! We are also then treated to the "GUNSHOW" courtesy of Ms. Doublefingers.
#42 was from the Enies Lobby Arc (Water 7/CP9 Saga). And the first appearance of Tony Tony Chopper in his super badass Monster Point.
That transformation alone is worth the price of admission.
THAT and we get to see Franky square off against Fukuro.
A rather reluctant Sanji vs Kalifa, which would later on be a Nami vs Kalifa match instead.
Jabra vs Sogeking.
Kumadori vs Nami, which would later on be a handicap match right after Chopper's interference. Well, we all knew how that ended!
A quick Luffy vs Lucci bout.
And the sole reason as to how the Enies Lobby building earned it's trademark slice in the middle.

#47 was from the Thriller Bark Arc (well, there's a mouthful!). This was a random issue wherein Luffy's shadow was fed to Gekko Moriah's monster (Oars).
Robin+Franky fought off against Tararan and then she did her "wings made out of arms" move and that's that. Nothing too memorable really...

#27 was from the SODOM Arc. And no,
not that kind of Sodom.
Not that kind either...

This chapter was after both the Ura Butō Satsujin (Tournament) and the Sealed Lands Arc.
And to make matters worst, these said chapters  were never really given a proper
anime adaptation. Making it more obscure and denying the fans of a proper ending to their beloved
We did however found this clip from Youtube.

Yes, this was indeed how the final battle went on the manga.
But where's the rest of them? Every OTHER episode leading to this moment is nowhere
to be found.

And it isn't like the title is an ongoing one. It ended around issue #33 around the
early 2000's so for them not to make the anime adaptation of the last few chapters is either due to plain laziness or budget constraints. Either way, we may never know.

Anyways, back to the manga.
This was the first appearance of Kadotsu.
A scarier tribal-ey version of Magensha.
I mean, just look at him?
His appearance alone makes this purchase well worth it!

And then we had THESE books right here....
which are pretty self-explanatory but we're gonna go into details anyways because THAT'S 
kind of blogger we truly are!

The SSM! Blogspot, the name you can trust!
Most especially on matters concerning geekiness and all-around pervertedness!

So is it Tattoo Flash or Flash Tattoo?
Either way, it's your standard tattoo magazine.
Filled with stunning works like THESE:
It did deliver upon it's promise of giving us no b.s. ads all throughout the magazine.
The only one we could find that was this one:
and yet it's actually tattoo related hence Flash Tattoo gets an A+ for honesty and is alright by our standards.

Next up is Bizarre Magazine.

Where do we even begin?
This magazine is awesome enough that no words could even begin to describe it.
The only problem we had with this book is that there aren't enough copies being sold.
Not just by any bookstore's standards but the throughout the entire country even.
This was the only copy we could find and yet we immediately fell in love with in.
It had better content than a LEADING men's magazine we dare not mention.
Better girls!
Better articles!
Unphotoshopped nipples!
Better posters!
Now this magazine had been in circulation since the late 90's and for us
to be hearing about this around the late 2000's is most certainly a travesty and a failure on our part.
I wish we could do something to make up for all those lost time but until then here are a few
of their social media accounts that we (and possibly you) can now catch up with.

Edit: It is with a heavy heart that we share this tragic and not so recent news with you.
As on February 2015, this magazine is no longer in circulation. Good god, whyyyyyy????? Why do bad things happen to good people?????

And speaking of unexpected tragedies, here's yet another one.
Priced at P150.00. Fully colored!!
100 pages worth of vintage and new school Piper.
Final Verdict: Totally worth it!!!!!

And to end things on a much happier note, we did had a lot of fun with this tribute book. As exhibited here:
and here:
And from Roddy to Rodney,
SSM!'s definitely got you covered!

And we've even thrown in some POE related theatrics for your visual pleasure!
And thus concludes our monthly pull list. We capped off the night with a movie marathon. Starting from Mad Max : Fury Road to Heneral Luna and then back to Wyrmwood.
Everyone's familiar with the first two films hence we will briefly review Wyrmwood instead.
Wyrmwood is an Australian horror film labeled as "Mad Max Meets Walking Dead". But with all things considered, closely resembled Walking Dead all the more.

We wouldn't go on and spoil the movie for you but amongst all the actors and actresses from the film, the stand out performer was a character named Brooke as portrayed by Bianca Bradey.
70% of the movie is of her and her armpits (not like that's a bad thing. And this is actually quite acceptable due to her being held captive at the time)
and then half of it is with Fake Jared Leto / Adam Levine's dramatic and yet convincing human drama issues.
It's quite an eclectic mix actually.

Best scenes were with the Christopher Lloyd inspired mad doctor
and various scenes towards the ending.
All in all, It's not a bad film and we highly recommend it!
That's that! And this entry marks the start of our comeback. And boy, it sure is great to be back from the dead. Expect more entries in the days/months to come. But until then, TA-TA!

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