SSM! Gives Back

We might act like jerks and assholes at times but when it's time to put in work and be serious, we deliver!
We seriously do!

And as we humbly type this entry. The kickstarter project for Pinoy Komiks : Filipino Comics Anthology was well underway and pretty much well-funded as evidently by this very enthusiastic photo of  Zon Petilla.
More information are available at the link provided below.

And the only reason why I haven't been doing my share of the promotion is that I was too busy trying to finish my contribution for the book within the 12 days time frame.
A time limit which I wouldn't even have to dread if only I had the proper self-discipline not to lollygag around and waste precious hours @ facebook and similar social medias. But to my defense, the right material did not surface up until later hence the procrastination actually worked in my favor.

The entire process took me 3-4 days of sketching-scanning-editing then finally sending.
I'm tired, weary, hungry and damn right really sleepy. But I'm done!
It was well worth it and all the more knowing that this SSM! art is going places and helping out for the greater good (victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan).
This is by far the SSM! story with the most substance and hopefully well-thought of message that is both inspiring as it is entertaining.
I am more than thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity to give back not only to society but to the country that made us who we are..
And I only have ADAM PASION and ZON PETILLA to thank for all this.
Them and all my brethren in indie community.

Josel Nicolas.
Rob Cham.
Trizha Ko.
Emiliana Kampilan.
Noel Pascual.
Aj Bernardo.
D.J. Legaspi.
Mervin Malonzo.
Carlorozy Clemente.
Patrick Rawwrr Enrique.
Norby Ela.
Bong Redilla.
Apol Sta. Maria.
and plenty more. 

Most of which I haven't actually met or talked to yet but am open to the possibility of meeting even MORE friends after this project is done.

Various artist, all coming from different groups but joining forces to complete this epic monster mammojam of a graphic novel.
Now doesn't that just restores your faith in humanity?
And if you're not totally convinced this is happening then here's a *sigh* rappler article for all you Doubting Thomases.

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