Luis Batton

E LV daw e!
But kidding aside, SSM! will be @ UP Los Banos.
Not exactly our first time down south, here are a few of the pics from our earlier expedition....
Oookay, not exactly what we had in mind.
But more like THIS to be more precise.

And here's to hoping that lady luck would shine upon us and make us filthy stink'n rich!
At least even for just this once.
Because we had worked our butts and asses for this trip and LB isn't exactly what you'd wanna call "a nearby place" either.

Here's a map of the place for all you GOOGLE MAP addicts and feeling NAMIgators out there.
And once you're there, 
Please buy some of our books.
Buy one or make that two and make JESUS very happy!

Take note of the following coordinates.
Buy from SSM!(Hey, that's us!)
or have MOARfun with MOARBOOKS.

And remember if you're not buying from ANY of us then you're better off left for dead, beaten up at a condo or denied of your insatiable desire for BULALO.
Or in layman's term, PAKYU KA!

Kung kaya't tara na sa LAGUNA.
Huwag ng magmaramot at supportahan ang aming mga CURRENT at FUTURE undertakings.
Dahil sa totoo lang, pera-pera lang yan!
At kikitain niyo rin uli yan sa katapusan!

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