I'm A Trending!

As always, this here is a year-ender recap of the people, things and trends of 2013.
(A partial list could be viewed here)
Good News George
1. Out with the old and in with the YOUNG, MEGAN YOUNG to be exact.
Ok, our bad!
There you go!
2. Comeback matches for both PACQUIAO & DONAIRE.
3. Bonifacio @ 150 and KATIPUNAN.
4. One small step for MACOY, one giant leap for INDIEKIND.
We present to you, Ang Maskot Da Movie!
5. Inspirational Yolanda Posts.
6. Miriam Defensor v.s. Juan Ponce Enrile, Napoles, and everyone else for that matter.
5. Lady Gaga releases ArtPop and Daft Punk releases RAM.
6. Royal Bebe.
7. Justin Bieber retires!
God exists and He/She loves us!
Photo courtesy of DBZ Memes

8. KICK-ASS 2!
9. Mighty No.9 kicks some serious megabutts @ Kickstarter.
10. A brief encounter between THE SHIELD & THE WYATT FAMILY.
11. Pacific Rim Job.
12. GOLD-LUST matches!
13. AJ Lee's Pipebomb.
14. Ben Stiller...err The Ultimate Warrior's WWE 2K14 Promos.
15. The Razor Ramon Invitational Challenge
16. Madam Charito Carbonel of Mundo Mo'y Akin.
17. The very sexy and rather boobalicious Katy Perry's Roar
18. Krispenwah Da Movie : Crossface

Bad News Barret
1. Yolanda, Habagat you sons of bitches you!
2. Bohol/Cebu Earthquake.
3. Lockdown in Zambaonga.
4. Tough love for Nipples...er Napoles.
5. The Rise And POL of Medina Jr.
6. Moxies from Anne Curtis at HINDI MO BA AKO KILALA?
7. Martilyo gang hits the malls.
8. Miley is a VMA whore...quite literally.
No, not her. The OTHER Solis!
10. Eric Tayag's Roar.

And now a special expose at the SSM! side of things.

1. Nominated and won (well sorta) @ Readercon.
The exact sequence of our emotions....
2. Banned @ Winter Komikon 2013!
but attended the event anyways....
3. Despite our late attendance even, most triumphant @ Aklatan & BLTX 2013.
4. Yolanda more like YO MAMA!
Photo courtesy of Happy Lockjaw

(Definitely going to hell after this!)

5. Was able to produce 3 more books this year.
Made a series of original SSM! related artworks for FCBD.

A couple for our very own website.

For someone else,

And collaborated with my osmosic QBCCC friends with this monster of a megajam.
6. ZINE machine!
Sega Zine Follow-up Report: http://silentsanctummanga.blogspot.com/2013/04/sega-seen.html
Dragon Ball Zine Follow-up Reporthttp://silentsanctummanga.blogspot.com/2013/12/ballz-to-wallz.html

7. And the best news of them all, NEW JOB!

Done In Memoriam of the following individuals.
1. Countless unidentified dead bodies from Tacloban.
2. Bella Flores.
3. Papa Dom.
4. Nelson Mandela.
5. Paul Walker.
6. Paul Bearer.
7. Jim Kelly.
8. James Gandolfini
9. Corey Monteith
10. Brian Griffin (Oh wait, nevermind!)

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