Super Shamwow

Aiden Asheley as Domino!
Asa Akira as Mariko.
Evan Stone as Sabretooth.
And a very comic book/cartoon series accurate LADY DEATHSTRIKE(Maya Hills).
I like this movie already!
It's a porn parody...and a whole lot better than the real thing even.
Might we remind you that THE AVENGERS one ain't half bad either.
And the WONDER WOMAN porn parody looks promising as well.
You know what, since we're in such a good mood let's just show all of them.
All of which are from the same director which is also a good thing since he is such a comic book nerd
that all of his films are quite accurate and pretty much are a love letter to comic book nerds everywhere.

So keep up the good work, kind Sir!
And we'd be anticipating more and more porn parodies from you and you alone.
We approve of it and apparently so does he.

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