Popping Pills In The Aisles

Disclaimer: Some...ok almost ALL of our entries might contain nudity.
Nudity that might include bare breasts, butts and the occasional (w or
w/o pubes) "pink parts".
We just consciously chose not to filter our website to avoid the hindrance of having to
answer this content warning all the time.
Because if being NUDE is really that offensive then we wouldn't been brought in to this world that way.
We would've been born with clothes sewn to our skin!
We can however guarantee that almost all of our pics and videos would fall under
the SOFTCORE category and we had & shall never upload anything that involves hardcore
penetration of any kind.
So it would be wrong to assume/label this blogspot as SMUTTY or DIRTY.or worst of all, UNCULTURED or UNLEARNED.
This is just us being guys and appreciating the finer things in life.
And there's absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!
And there's definitely nothing wrong with women appreciating other women
such as the case with "SOME" of  the more *silent* followers on this humble site.

This is definitely not a sexist website and we're all for equality and feeling
confident about one's sexuality.

Again if you're offended by any of our post, we're terribly sorry that you don't get to
see things our way.But in no way are we going to pull stuffs down just
because you DEMANDED for it or as to how your child made a mistake with the search
engine then ultimately ending up on our website. Don't blame this one on
us, we're not going to apologize for that!
Again, if you don't like us. Then chances are we don't like you either!
And if you hate us that much then feel free to change the channel.
Let's just wait and see!
You'd be back, honey!
And we can guaran-damn-tee it!

!Over & Out!
-SSM! Staff & Management

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