Liga Ng Kawomenan

Varga by Mars Ravelo
as portrayed by Mariel Rodriguez in 2008's Komiks Presents : Varga.
Galema by Jim Fernandez
as portrayed by both Snooky Serna & Jenny Lynn in 1985-1987's Zuma & Anak Ni Zuma respectively.
Dragonna by Mars Ravelo
as portrayed by Shaina Magdayao in 2009's Komiks Presents : Dragonna.
It puzzles us to this day as to why nobody bothered writing/drawing a superhero team-up between these 3 feisty vixens when the potential (and interest in them) are virtually limitless.

And when that happens we can finally do battle with "THE OTHER" 3-piece super heroine group from the stateside.
It's THIS group in particular, I thank you very much!
So what up, writers/artists?
Unless the Mars Ravelo/ Jim Fernandez Estate has any objections, 
we couldn't see why we shouldn't do this thing.

But then again, they'd probably reject the said idea anyways.
So we might as well chalk this one down right here/right now.

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