When one camel toe isn't enough, you just have to run down and get all 3!

Welcome to a weird gem of a title for the SNES console.


very own weirdass title...
or also known as ON THE BALL on it's North American and European releases.
Well, first off...we don't even know how to describe this game because it's unlike anything we've ever played before.
Let's just say, you control this...BALL and you move through each round by rotating the screen.
Through a series mazes and various obstacles, this makes for a really fun puzzle game.
It sorta looks and feels a lot like the mobile game BOUNCE.....
but only better!

If there was one game that was designed to display the graphical power of the SNES' Mode 7 Chip then this game would've been it!

The game revolves around these 4 settings/courses.
And true to the it's settings level each round provides increasingly difficult stipulations (zero gravity, 45 degrees tilt, jumping, free-falling, etc.). All of which are to be finished in a given time.
But not to worry there are various bonus/mini-games to extend your time within the game.
One of which would be the NUMBER MATCH.
Where you are required to match the given number below with the number listed above. This challenge can only be completed based on luck and hand-eye coordination alone. That's something very unheard of in today's next gen consoles.
 The other way would be thru a series of casino style slot machines called LUCKY CHANCE.

Again, there's no guaranteed way of  completing this bonus stage other than by leaving it all to chance.

The first course, of course (redundant!)
And the game cuts you some slack and offers you various guides and tutorials along the way
 Each course has a FINAL TRIAL
which doesn't joke around with the difficulty settings and will but will more often than not, wouldn't allow you to continue where you left off when the timer runs out. And believe us, you definitely want more time most especially when you're THIS close to finishing the game. It just pisses you off and stuff. 
It's rather frustrating but very addictive.
On the event you lose the said round  you are encouraged to either TRY AGAIN
 and with only 4 credits within the entire game you are sure to use them wisely.

But don't fret, there's actually a PASSWORD support system within the game but these passwords
would only grant you per plane level access and not at the very stage you died in.
The passwords are as follow.
However on the event that you actually finish a round you are happily greeted with THIS message.
 Paired with a non-moving ending which to us...makes no sense at all!
1st Plane Endings:
 2nd Plane Endings

Third Plane Endings:
Final Plane Endings:
And then we are treated to an actual ending...
SO WAIT, you're telling me that we've been piloting an alien spacecraft all this time?
Because that's what it looks like to me.

!Roll the credits!
(sans the names)
 And then this screen....
Oh, my bad!
Here you go!
As if the gameplay wasn't weird enough. Some of the bad eggs could be found within the game's background screen. Here are some of them, like
Da Vinci Sketches
 Old Timey Cars
Taito Ducks
Moai or Easter Island Head
Stairway To Heaven
 H.R. Giger-ey Stuff
 Turtle Ships
Hourglass With Hexagram
After playing this game, we're definitely going to hell!
Gay Survivor
Mr. Lava-Lava
and of course, SPACE : The Final Frontier
All in all it's a good innovative puzzle game for anyone who either wants to have a mental exercise or for bored to death folks at the office. It sure as hell more entertaining and less predictable than a game of
That's that and HAPPY GAMING!

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  1. i remember playing this game on my PSP before. bought back memories here. hehe...