Belly To Belly Suplex

Terrible new fellow baddies, yet another of our most cherished icons in the "kontrabida" world had once again left a void not only in our hearts but most especially in our memories.

Paalam na, Tita Bella Flores.
The industry shall yet to find someone as charismatic and as convincing as an artist of your caliber. Looks aren't everything and you most certainly aren't ashamed of it.
You tell it as it is while flaunting your bigass mole like a boss!
You arrived in style and you shall now leave in style.
Thanks for the valuable life's lesson.
The ever consummate professional.
Thank you po, Tita Bella.
Hanggang sa muli pagkikita....

And as an added bonus!
Thank you rin sa inyo, Direk RA at SUGARFREE!

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