Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah by Carlo Vergara published by Carverhouse Creations.
Considered by critics and readers as a tour de fource among recent crop
of Filipino comic books, it tells the story of the homosexual and cynical
Ada, owner of a beauty salon. Apart from gaining superhuman abilities
from a stone that fell from the heavens, she also transforms into the
voluptous Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah who defends his hometown from otherworldly creatures.

Ok and now back to us!
Our story would pretty much follow the same set-up with the original work but
would later present itself with some alternate twists and turns towards the end.

Our tale starts off with ADA. Minding his own business and calling it a day and
closing his shop.Then a vagrant would ask for a free haircut. Although quite
reluctant at first but seeing that he did had a good day and all, he was happy to
oblige. And in true Filipino Komiks tradition, the vagrant turns out to be
some wish granting djinn named GENII SANTOS
(Ok, that was lame. Lame,YES but very funny, YES-YES!)

Knowing of his secret identity and rather than just granting wishes.
The genie presented Ada with choices he could choose from to change his future.
One such choice would be that he could be a straight guy with all of his powers intact.
Or to be a real girl with no powers but no longer dependent on the stone
to transform.
Our real girl depiction of Zaturnnah is also a homage to yet another CARVER creation
this time in the form of MS. VENUSA HAWKS.

Our story would pretty much revolve around the pro and cons of having and not
having powers. Living a simple but happy life or choosing to live life in the edge.
We haven't wrote anything down yet, so the ending(or anything else is for that matter) would pretty much stay a mystery.
But given the chance, we'd be more than happy to collaborate with Sir Carver himself, just to get the feel and the look of the story right. He looks friendly and more than accommodating and we'd bet our asses that he's a blast to work with.
So that's about it.
SSM!, over and out!

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