SSM! Redesigns ELMER.

Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan, published by Komikero Publishing.
The original story speaked of an alternated earth where chickens
have acquired the ability to think like human beings.
Pushing for equal rights to be among browns, blacks and whites.
Amidst all these, is Elmer's family who struggles to survive in this complicated,
dangerous yet beatiful world.

And now back to the good part!
Our reimagining still follows the same talking chickens routine but taking
place in a post apocalyptic setting where birds and similar beings
have enslaved mankind. Think of it as MAD MAX meets WALLACE & GROMIT. Or a typical episode of HOKUTO NO KEN (Fist Of The North Star).

The overall serious overtone would be disregarded and our version (read:sillier/surreal-er version)
would simply focus on elmer; a now unemployed(due to the apocalypse)
punk rocker fighting his way within the
desolate and barren landscape of... NEW MANILA, perhaps. We dunno yet but yeah that name sound's
about right...

It's your standard beat-the-crap-out-of people/birds and animal story.
A kind of storytelling that Sir Gerry would most definitely and strongly disapprove of but
YEAHHH that's how we chose to reinvent the old elmer.
Not that it needs reinventing to begin with.


  1. AWESOME! hehe Bad Ass chicken drawing man.

    1. Oh wow!
      Of all the people we'd expect to reply to this post. Never had we expected the very first (and only) one would've been you, Sir Gerry.
      Thank you and we're glad that you liked it.

      Congrats nga rin po pala sa japanese ELMER.