Shanna'y Pag-ibig Na Lang Ang Isipin

*"Censorship bothers *us*" as well
I mean just look at this,

EXHIBIT A (Waterfalls Scene)
EXHIBIT B (Crash Scene)
EXHIBIT C (Drag Scene)
EXHIBIT D (Finisher Scene, sorry couldn't find the edited version of this.)
EXHIBIT E (Glass Scene)

I mean if you're gonna hire an artist like FRANK CHO
then of course you're gonna get some bodacious bods.
So why the censorship, MARVEL?
If you're just gonna cover it all up with words and unecessary replacements
like glass,fog or whatever; you might as well just let LIEFELD do the story.

Well here's a petition to change all that.
We're a little late on posting this but NOW is always a better time than NEVER.
So what say you, MARVEL?
We'd prefer if you'd say the former more and the latter less...

*Originally used by Teddy of WIP Comics
Article Re:KULO
Under QBCCC#2

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