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Within this week, we we able to take part in doing two incredibly CREATIVE and rather ARTISTIC project that required our skill and unmatchable prowess in the arts.

The first project was a secret collaboration of sorts.
The project itself is complete and we are currently awaiting replies as to what we should do next.
But without revealing too much, let's just say we had just made something for KOMIKON and we're gonna call it " HAPPY SSM! LOCKJAW HAKUSHO KAI", so there you go!

The second project would most definitely involved a well-knowned gaming brand from the 90's.
No, not NINTENDO but rather the more edgier and punkish competitor, SEGA.
Here are the details and the nitty-gritty of the said project.


If you're a big SEGA fan then you should pretty much do yourself a favor and check out the link for yourselves.

So enough talk already.Here's a preview of all of the 7 pieces we had submitted for SEGAZINE.
They'd all be uploaded individually on the event that none of them gets chosen.
Very unlikely but you'll never know!

Well anyways, just like before.Here are 3 more works that were not submitted due to it's either risque nature
or it was too simple for our taste. So here they are.

1. Neff (Altered Beast)
2. Bayonetta ( Bayonetta)
3. Akira Yuki, Goh Hinogami (Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter 4 : Evolution)

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