DC's Got Talent!

And a whole lot of it....
Observe, friend-os!
The first two stories were very much well-worth the purchase.
 Kerry Callen...hmm, we'd like to believe that he's the same person responsible for the animated gif covers we posted way back.
Here's a link to that particular entry. Thank you o so very much, MR. LOYAL FOLLOWER,you!

Well anyways,this next story was alright.
 with succeeding pages that looked somewhat like THIS.
 Well, here's something you won't see very often on comic books nowadays...ACTUAL STORIES about..
Then there's the usual comic strips.
All in all, it was well worth the 30 bucks.
Could've worth more at the time it was being sold at the market but who gives a shit...
It's a good discounted book and that's what really mattered.

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