Legends Of The Apostrophe

I kept on having recurring dreams about this girl I really like.
And it's not even moving dreams just a bunch of still photographs that seem to move slightly.
Y'know, like one of those hologram thingy-majigy...

Well, here they are (in the exact sequence as to how they appeared to me and as how I could remembered them after waking up).
She seems to be mad about something. The scene's at a coffee store hence her colors are all COFFEE-ey and stuff!
Well, this a lil' bit more cheerfuller than the last piece. And she's obviously too big for the bike. But why am I even seeing these things...
Here we are as a loving couple. Wearing powdered wigs and sporting ridiculously looking beards and what not.I really can't explain this piece but it sure is pretty lovely. We're spending money like we won the lottery or something. But we're spending it wisely since we're only leaving 3 paper bills at a time.
Apparently I'd have some implausibly AHNOLD bod in the future. With legs that could probably crush walnuts and stuff. And I'd purchase an unbelievably fully-functional house (designed by 5 year olds) in MARS.
I'm serious here...how could I even possibly be making these things up...
This is no longer part of the dream. But I guess this is how it would've ended if I slept a bit more.

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  1. This is very heavy stuff... Your brain is tellin' you to hook up i guess.