The 4 Gifts Of Chapel 2016 - 2017

I'm gonna give you what you WANT!
Courtesy of http://martina313.deviantart.com/art/omg-funny-XD-87348386
I'm gonna give you what you NEED!
It's the gift of CHAPEL,
drink it maaaaaan!

1. Maskarado for Reno Maniquis.
2. Sharkenstein for Happy Lockjaw.
3. Legit Businessman (from The Pretender) for Noel Pascual.
4. The Deceptive Detective for Benj Bartolome.
And there you have it folks!
A shorter list (due to our slightly malfunctioning computer) but a definitive one nonetheless.
See you again next year and hopefully you'd make the list!

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