Westside Till I Die

Remember this place:
Well, now they're back with a vengeance!
The shop opened up early last year (around February).
And true to their previous instruction, the place DOES sit comfortably next to a Puregold Jr.

There was also a Saving Sally foodtruck/screening truck (ata?) nearby.
And no, there aren't any MEWS underneath it.
Not entirely sure if this was parked there temporarily or or parked there for good.

But anyways, back to the store.
It's significantly smaller than their previous store in Frisco.
The second floor is what I would suspect to be the employees quarters.

We've also restricted ourselves to a couple of photos for after all, we aren't some big shot blogger running a reputable blog site. And the only things that we are capable of buying by the bulk are these things:
Again, the numerous shelves are then reduced to this one jam-packed shelf.
I've even took the liberty of rearranging their DBZ tankobons.
Because that's just the kind of guy I am. The mildly OCD kind!

And surprisingly enough, this store fared a lot better than my tankobon search in Hong Kong.
All of their DBZ tankobons do have their dust jackets on and are the first printing from Jump Comics. Yes, the same JUMP company as in SHONEN JUMP. So you'd know you're getting the legit kind!

Still 13 issues short till completion.

Taking the lord's name in vain aside, I'm glad to find that some of the same stuffs that I liked are still there.
New items do arrive at random. So t'would be best to visit their store more regularly.
And with that in mind, we bid you all farewell.
Till the next surplus hopping, happy shopping!

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