The Best Animations From Around The World

Or as how we'd like to refer to as "alternative cinema".
Or adult cartoons. That could work too, I guess? Whatever floats your boat, man!
Adult cartoons immediately reminds everyone of "Hentai" hence t'would be best to pick another term for it.

Now this list will solely consist of titles we had recently saw or discovered and by no means be "THE" definitive
list to the best of the best in terms of the animated world. More titles would be added in upon request and upon newer
discoveries.Think of this as expanding your own horizon and opening one's self to someone else's culture.
These are an escape from the usual titles you might have seen/heard of and a few of them might eventually grow on you
and be your next favorite. So go ahead, sit back, relax and go torrent a movie!

We start off this list with one of our more recent discoveries:
10. Cybersix.

Don't let the discount Celine Dion theme song fool you.
It actually is quite good and the pilot episode alone is more than enough to get you hooked
on to the rest of the episodes.

And if you like that, then there's 13 more episodes for you to enjoy.

Originally started out as an Argentinian comic series by Carlos Meglia.
The series was then produced in Canada then animated in Japan.
The lead heroine does remind us of heavily of "Miss Black" from the Koko Krunch commercials

but then again this character could've been the main inspiration for that. The show has that Batman : The Animated Series, The Shadow meets 80's anime vibe to it and the theme is definitely very Aeon Flux-ey.

Speaking of Aeon Flux. Here is yet another title from the same director (Peter Chung).
9. Reign : The Conqueror.

Based on the novel of Hiroshi Aramata.
This title is a sci-fi take on the life of Alexander The Great.
Character designs and various visual aesthetics are very much in the vein of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

We temporarily break away from our usual fantasy themes via Marjane Satrapi's
8. Persepolis.

Originally published in French.
Two volumes of the book were made which then culminated with the release of the animated movie in 2007.
A coming of age movie based on the autobiographical comics of the same name.
Persepolis depicts the author's life during and after the Iranian/Islamic revolution.
The movie deals with various themes such as gender equality, binding traditions, religion, love
and finding one's true identity.

And despite the film being presented in black and white (which closely resembles the comic book nonetheless), the movie
contains more resounding themes and content that are still very much talked about and relevant
to this day.

Other films from the same studio:

Speaking of Black and White....
7. Renaissance.

or Paris 2054: Renaissance.
Is a sci-fi film by Christian Volckman.
We would categorize this title as Sin City meets 90's cyberpunk PC game.
It was backed up by Miramax Films but never garnered a theatrical release outside of UK.

6. Kick-Heart.

A successfully crowd funded short film by Masaaki Yuasa and Production I.G. studios.
Also credited in this project is veteran director Mamoru Oshii as project consultant.
It's a love story  between a masochistic professional wrestler (Romeo Maki) and a sadistic nun (Sister Juliet).
The film has trippy colors, off the wall comedy and sketchy "Bill Plympton-ish" visual presentation.

Other films from Production I.G. that you might also like:

And before we go ahead with our Top 5, let's hype up this list with a musical intermission.
It's Freak Of The Week by Freak Kitchen.

Hey there, young adults!
Do you like Ren & Stimpy?
How about some overly muscular superheroes then?
Well that's too bad, because here comes.....
5. The Ripping Friends.

Despite sounding way too much like a prank segment in Jackass.
The Ripping Friends is actually cartoon series by John Kricfalusi of Spumco.
Featuring a cast of spandex clad superheroes and Spumco's very own Jimmy The Idiot Boy.

Think of it as Dexter's Lab's " The Justice Friends" meets Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.
The gross-out humor is still there and is actually less creepier than what we're accustomed to.
The series finally folded after 13 episodes. (What is up with that number???)

4.Absolutely anything from TitMouse.
But for the sake of this list,maybe this one:
Pinched by David Vandervoort.

More TITS for your MOUSES:

3. Sita Sings The Blues.

by Nina Paley.
A quirky and cute retelling of the Ramayana and some parallels to the artist's personal life.
The art style is strongly influenced by the 18th century Indian tradition of Rajput (Rajasthani) paintings and shadow
puppetry. The film then evolves to a more modern look with the inclusion of vector graphics and Squigglevision.
A technique more commonly associated with Dr. Katz.
A video posted by Rodney Dangerfield (@rodneynorespect) on
2. Les Triplettes de Belleville.

Or The Triplets of Belleville.
By Sylvain Chomet.
Is a surreal movie about an elderly woman and her loyal dog and the many
trials they face while trying to rescue her grandson. They'd also meet three
eccentric musical singers along the way. These three would eventually be the
Triplets From Belleville.

Although the movie has that "shot in the dark" look to it, the backgrounds
are undeniably very detailed and almost Ralph Bakshi-ish.

And now at #1.
Mona Queen Of The Babes.
by Benj Bartolome, Mike Banting, Chad Cabrera, Sam Gungon of Happy Lockjaw and Dark Chapel Of SSM!

Nuff Said!
It's our blogspot anyways hence our rules!
Do you agree with our list?
Then go ahead and make one of your own, you scumbag!

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