Let's Ket Aww!

Ah, Komiket 2016!
The very first event we had reluctantly attended after months and months of successful hibernation/self-imposed hiatus.
Being a normie/regular ass con attendee sucks balls, we wish we were somewhere else!
That hopelessness/sinking feeling you get upon being asked as to where your booth is or as to what new books are you working on and answering back disappointingly with :"Uhm, wala e!". It's synonymous as to saying "Hey, I used to be the vocalist of Metallica and now I'm a lounge singer.". No offense to any lounge singers that might be reading this entry. But you get the point!

Again, not that there's anything wrong with the event but I guess the timing wasn't right for us (hence the mask).
This was not our "rising from the ashes" big comeback moment.
This was far from that, now that we are simply a bunch of corporate suits and slaves to the mundane system. Ah, adult life is such a drag!
And to top it all off, our disguise was so full of flaws and was easily recognized by fellow

Well, enough about us. Let's go back to the event!
The new venue heavily reminded us of U.P. Bahay Ng Alumni.
In fact, it actually looked and felt like a miniaturized version of it.
The place was spacious/ accommodating enough
and AC was more than what you'd bargain for.
The schedule of events were all professionally handled/ organized by the host with the most :
Mark Navarro.
Walking around the said venue, we were immediately greeted with:
Familiar booths/faces,
Twice as many more UNfamiliar faces/ groups/ merchandises while we were away,
and new books that we wish we had more budget for,
Also La Historia
(SAYANG!!!!Sabi na nga ba't kulang ang P500.00!!!!)

and the newest trend to sweep the nation : PRINTS!
A whole lot of them!
It's undeniably everywhere!
I guess the said trend finally caught on since it's been done to death everywhere else here and on various conventions overseas.
We also saw a slight decline in with regards to the true blue komikeros that we started out with.
Or in Tagalog: Yung mga kapanahunan namin!

We still spent a good portion of the afternoon (and our life in general) at the OSMOSI Dance Crew booth.
For this is where we truly belong.
There is no use of trying to deny your roots.
Try as I might but masks and "pretending not to know them" were all futile attempts of moving on.
It just made the process even more painfuller to accept.
It's kinda sad when your passion is never reciprocated.
Money is always a factor and the lack of it could drive anyone nuts.
It's also depressing when adult life/responsibilities gets the better of you and you simply just had to let go of the things that makes you happy. I'm really proud of the old guards that had been holding the fort while we were away.
And hopefully we could still catch up with everyone, come 2017.
God damn it, there will be big shoes to fill and a lot of making up for lost times.
There will be hell to pay and we shall guarantee you that!
No more masks, just good ol' SSM!.
Kung kaya't kita-kits na lang, next year!

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