Robbie Williams

Because of the recent Milo Manara take on the whole Margot Robbie's version Harley Quinn, which was this one:
Just in case you're not in the know. And you're welcome, by the way!
We've decided to put our own little take on the said subject.
Upon introduction, the costume was of course, very hot! 
I think we've established that a long time ago.
It was clearly inspired by Debbie Harry's 1970's look/fashion.
and a clear departure to the rather iconic Bruce Timm look.
The red and blue highlights were okay but repeating the same pattern elsewhere on the character tends to be repetitive and boring.
Harley's primary color were supposed to be red, I mean they've even established that for the Arkham Asylum games with her lolita nurse outfit.
The movie version wasn't really all that bad, it just deviates too much from what made the character fun and lovable in the first place. Again we are not ripping on the designs from the movie. And even if we are doing just that, we are far too late to offer in our suggestions anyways. So that's that!

So with that in mind, let's dissect my reimagination/redesign.
The dominant color is of course: RED.
And we are bringing back the white face paint and skin tone everywhere else look. As seen here:
We are also bringing back the Diamond mask for I think Harley was originally intended to be The Joker's Robin.
If she is to be his Robin then she has to look the part. 
The third hole is for an amulet or her third eye. I guess, we've even thrown in a bit of Batman Beyond aspects to this design as well.
Diamond patterns are shown prominently. On the sleeves and around the belt area.
Fishnets because I dunno....those are not only cool for fishermen 
and hookers 
but are considered to be a universally sexy thing.
Lead pipes instead of a bat for it does look more dangerous and for comedic timing. It also opens up the possibilities for terrible LEAD or PIPE puns she could crack along the way.
I'm pretty sure Mayor Mike Haggar would approve of this.
And elephant /Lizzie McGuire pants for that added clown factor. Because well, the 90's was a fun/hip thing!
I've even thrown in some Converse high-tops(because they are iconic and fuck'n badass fashion statements) for that obligatory product placement.
With the heavy nostalgic factor and marketing aspect covered.
It's safe to say that our reimagining has all the makings of a wonderful character design.
But oh well, who are we to pitch this and that to anyone for we are after all; are merely nobodies.

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