Homegrown Mangroves

OH-NO MANGA COSPLAY CAMP 2 was for us... a lil' disappointing!
Oh-no reminded us of the very reason as to why we stopped going to anime
conventions some 2-3 years ago.
It's basically the same SM MEGAMALL crowd.
The same crowd that patronizes DOUJINSHI, GAY-ASS COMMISSIONS and various
shit we no longer know or care about.
It's the same "AY XEROX , LANG TO A! Ba't ang mahal?" people.
Makes us sick to talk about the selling part, so we'll just talk about
the LADY PARTS instead...
oh mah god, we didn't meant it like that!
Lady as in GIRL parts...urgh...
Girls in costume.
There you go!
So here are a couple of them that we really liked!
And two dudes would eventually make it in to the list as well!
I sure do hope they've won something because they've definitely won all the
major prizes on our books.

And unlike most people, SSM! actually comes up with fresh and new ideas.
As opposed to just pelting the same shit over and over again.
This time around we've got ourselves a treat for all you PAPI fans.
Ah yes, it's a lil' something-something for us WRESTLING aficionados.
And to cement the legacy and their friendship in komiks form.
Together in life and together in death.

Sadly enough the only TWO people were able to appreciate the said stickers these were
Whom have requested for the said collection in the first place. So he gets the entire set
for free. The first batch was also given for free at the place where
the said stickers were printed,

All in all, it was not that great!
The post-event meal and chat was actually better.
We went home just wishing that BLTX or INDIEKET could come in a lil' sooner.
Because that's THE crowd that embraces the true essence KOMIKS collecting.
That is THE crowd that appreciates our work.
So screw this non-sense!
We're going home!

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