Da Yoko OH-NOes

OH, you weren't previously aware?
and now you NOes!
And SSM! x HAPPY LOCKJAW would also be there.
whether you like or not, ya con-going beyutches!
And we're going up against a few..ok there's a whole lot of them!
Familiar and not so familiar *not at all* faces in the world of lokal manga scene.
At manalo-matalo, basta't may MOGU-MOGU!
and no, not that kind of mogu-mogu. And besides, that's GOMU-GOMU and not...oh, forget it!
Here's dem babies, just waiting to be chugged.
So be there and meet us in the flesh....and bones.
Which ever way you prefer it, we're sure to bring our 100:
and 10%
So, believe the hype fanboy!
You're in for a treat with SSM! x HAPPY LOCKJAW !
got that?
And now, kiss the floor ya buncha amateurs!

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