Resto Sa Pinas : Kambingan Ni Tsong

Are you craving for some Goat Meat?
If yes, then you're in luck!
Whether you're a local or a foreigner that happened to chance upon this lil' blog post, then
is the place to be!

Located at Old Sauyo Road, Novaliches, Quezon City.

And remember, hindi SAKIN at hindi KANYA,
kung di SAUYO!
And it has the word : OLD in it so you'd know it's good and quite experienced...any--ways!

Kambingan Ni Tsong roughly translates to Tsong's Goat House or Tsong's Goat Farmfeel free to offer in your own translation if deemed necessary). 
The place has that Carinderia (Canteen/Eatery) vibe to it. And true to it's name, the place serves a wide array of goat stews and similar dishes. Adobo, Kilawin, TapaGising-Gising, you name it, they have it! If it's some new way to murder a goat in a delicious way, they probably have that as well!

Select your preferred dish through an assortment of pots and pans as displayed at the counter.
Pay for your order. (Each meal cost around P100+, rice and drinks not included but you get to have free soup and that's always a good thing!!!)
Then enjoy!
We're having a late lunch hence we're having the two meal "AKIN LANG TO" special.
There are two types of soups to choose from, Sinampalukan or the Papaitan.
Both are good and as mentioned earlier, both are free!
And also, try the Fried Adobo, it's fuck'n delicious! (No photo for the said dish available for this meal was our take-out dish).

The place was surprisingly enough, quite spacious.
So go ahead and bring the kids!
Isama mo na rin sina tito't tita, lolo't-lola pati na ang inyong mga ninuno!!!
And feel free to admire their wonderful KAMBING art!
Reviews aside, this place had been around since forever!
I remember having fond memories of my dad's kaldereta pasalubongs back in college. The prices might have been a little higher(reflecting the country's current economy and all)  but the taste is never EVERRRR compromised.
Simot sarap to the last drop!

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