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It's just 4 characters, how is this INFINITE????
This is still not the game we were hoping for but Maximillan Dood begs to differ.

And oh, nevermind!
An extended gameplay trailer had just been released.
Let's take a looksie, shall we:

Oh, you get to use dem infinity stones like a fuck'n stoner (sorry po, Mayor!)
Kidding aside, it's actually referred to as INFINITY GEMS but hellz yeah, just like in the ye olde Marvel Super Heroes game for the Arcade/Playstation.

It's always fun to run after a particular gem that you'd probably won't be able to use anyways (Not unless you're playing as Thanos). I'm pretty sure this look is all the rave nowadays but for the more retro gamers, we are still hoping for that "pandering to the old fans" type of 2D sprite title. But until then we could always hold on to:

Speaking of "that horrid 3D look", look at what Capcom just did to Akuma/Gouki:

Totally distasteful!
I wonder if Capcom really knew what looks best for their characters. Several much more DECENT concept arts were rejected in favor of THIS????
His move sets does look pretty dope (Double Air Hadoukens are always awesome!) but that lion's mane.....MAAAN O MAN, it's fuck'n distracting!
One of the many pros of using Akuma is that you have the intimidation factor going on. But guess what, Capcom is back to square one!  Just when you we're building a bit of steam with your Mika and Karin reveal trailers. You blew your potential customers away with your French Fries Haired Alex, Fat Birdie and now Lion King Akuma....
Looking at this image alone,
makes me wish I was playing Tekken 7 instead!

Enough of the negativity and now for something good, a 2D fighter for 2016?
What, when, where and how????

It's actually a PS4 port of an old game but a pretty darn good one to say the least. SNK's absolute game changer of a title and the definitive rival to Capcom's Street Fighter III. See, this is how you do it, Capcom!

2D fighting games would still be a thing and as long as you'd be willing to release newer games then some fool would still be silly enough to try and beat it.Take cues from the numerous modders, Mugen games and Evo Tournaments. Bring your company back to your former glory, do something you were once good at. Make others imitate your brand as opposed to going the 3D route altogether.

We end this entry with the 2nd extended trailer of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.
Rocket Raccoon is still pretty badass and so is Baby Groot.
And Batista as Drax.

Oh Batista, you are definitely born to play the said role.
I sure hope Marvel would allow you to be just Drax for the rest of your life.
No more Evolution and no more teaming up with Eddie Guerrero( Ok, I take that back, that was a pretty memorable team-up), just you as Drax at the next year's Royal Rumble.
So WWE, go ahead and book it!

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