Top 10 WWE Debuts/Returns of 2016

It is what it is!

This is a somewhat updated list coming from someone who does not have WWE Network or plain Cable TV.

Some of these debuts/returns had happened late last year but was never really posted in any
of our previous entries hence this is our "making up for lost time" list!

10. Alberto Del Rio & Samoa Joe.

9. The Club (Bullet Club).

And a debut that was quickly followed up by an ambush attack.

Poor Poor, Aries!

8. The Dudley Boyz.

7. Tommy Dreamer.

6. Randy Orton

Oh, it's Broken Matt Hardy!

Kidding, it's just Luke Harper.

5. Shinsuke Nakamura & Asuka (Kana)

4. Rhyno & Mickie James.

3. Shane McMahon, Mick Foley & Daniel Bryan.

2. Seth Rollins.

1. Goldberg.

And for making it this far on to our entry, here's a meatball!

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