Such A Sexy Beast

This is simply a collection of Altered Beast fanarts you MAY or MAY NOT have seen before.

Now we've all seen these 5 images before,
so t'would be best to kill 3 wolves, get their silver orbs then POWER UP to beast form!
And now we command you to RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!
by Marina Sanches.
by Eric David Haddad.
by Jack Teagle.
by Peet Cooper.
by Orioto.
by Mike Luce.
by Dreamspirit.
by Jordi Lupo & Brother Ostavia.
by DougSQ.
by ZlayerOne.
by Nightblue-Art.
by Dex-La-Cabra.
by Pit-Bottom.
by Seth Brundle.
by Jmatchead.
by Sprite-Genius.
by Arsdraconis.
by JWMCasavant.
by Gidra Attacks.
by JodriComic.
by Vectorman316.
by Fernix.
by Elcioch.
by Honda.
by Ssudd123.
by Murici0.
by Allen Grimes.
by PrimeOp.
by MauLeo.
by Carl Chrappa.
by Skruku.

That's all of it, fellow CENTURIONS!
But wait, there's moarrrr!
In some not so recent news, this action figure was produced two years ago.
was we not informed of the existence of such an exquisite specimen?
Oh, the shame of not getting the right news from the right people....
As the cliche saying goes, it's always better late than never!

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