Catcher In The Rye

The following cons, events, gatherings took place late last year(2015).
And due to the unavailability of space on our hard drives and the unpredictable
nature of our CPU, we are currently mass uploading all of them here. Both for
sharing and backing-up purposes, I guess?
We were unable to upload most of them due to our hectic workloads and such and such.
But without further ado, here were the last two events events that we had the privilege to participated in before our self-imposed "HIATUS".

Bagsik Ng Tribo Bakunawa.
A two day event but sadly we could only be on the second day which was Oct.31.
Yep, just a sleep away from Halloween, All Saint's/All Soul's Day.
Which was made even obviouser courtesy of the mall's indoor decorations.
We arrived relatively early. Imagine that!
And set up our booth like so...
Our table was conveniently located next to Gwendy Gale's.
Yet another artist to be included in this year's edition of SULYAP.
Which is in it's 3rd installment so be sure to grab a copy at a Komikon event near you.

Also met a couple of our "previously-online-friends" but currently are "our real-life-friends".
Namely,  Leanonlynne of Instagram.
Samples of her works:
And Rafael Gumboc.
Sci-Fi enthusiast, commission extraordinaire and all around cool guy!

Met a couple of familiar faces.
Drew this wicked ass Venom fanart.
Sold a decent amount of stickers and that's it!
Pictures from the event area:
And since it was the eve before Halloween, company costume parties are a must!

After which the winners were then announced,
then everyone went home happy.
Ah yes, the Bonchon meal costed more than what we've earned the entire afternoon but then again nothing is more satisfying than a full stomach.
Magical hauls/freebies from the said event:
Snap back to reality!
Oh, there goes gravity!
Pardon the wicked rhymes but BLTX is back to it's primordial roots.
Back to where it all started, Ilyong's at Kalantiaw Cubao.
"THE" perfect event to end 2015 with!
But wait, there's more!
Not only was this event happening at Cubao, it was also simultaneously happening elsewhere.
At places like Baguio and Davao. A live feed from these locations would've made the event twice as exciting but it was a fun shindig nonetheless.
We sold more than enough in terms of papercraft toys and stickers.
And after which everyone went home happy and rather MERRY!
Because...after all, isn't that what the season's all about?

A sketch session for the late Sir Edd Aragon.
A more than jolly gathering which took place in his humble studio at Vito Cruz.
Some of his unfinished pieces for the said November CCP exhibit.
We were courteously invited by her niece and facebook friend, Cam Aragon.
There was food and there was fun.
With all things being considered, it felt less like a wake but more like a celebration.
It was an inspiring assembly.
An artistic synergy between veterans and young bloods.
There were no right nor wrong anatomy, there was only ART.
Nothing more and nothing less!

Out of respect to our models, no photos from the said event could ever be shared online but
but posting artworks from the said sketch session is fine and well.
Here are how our sketches looked like.
Everything was drawn there but were later on colored in at home.
Because we were too darn slow to draw and color at the same time.
Boo, hindi kami mga LEGIT na artist!!!!

And in addition to that, Sir Edd's atelier is as "ART NA ART" as the artists it has wholeheartedly accommodated.
With various paintings, sculptures, illustrations and cool finds scattered everywhere.
All of which a bittersweet remembrance of the man who once occupied the said space.
Creativity sure is abundant and the legacy he left behind will forever be cherished/remembered.
By colleagues, friends and relatives alike.
Mabuhay ka, Sir Edd!

Art Lessons at the House Of Refuge.
A community project that we were fortunate enough to have been a part of courtesy of both Josel Nicolas and the Alpha Phi Omega Sorority.
A very humbling experience and once again we were truly grateful for it.
There were relay races,
art lessons,
(Everyone's brought their A-game and made me wish that I knew more dance steps other than THIS:)
stop dances,
Wushu exhibitions,
and a birthday celebration.
All of which were a perfect ingredient for a meaningful and well spent Saturday morning.

The laughters were irreplaceable hence making the said experience twice as memorable.
Again, thank you Josel and Alpha Phi Omega sorority.
Yay for GCs!

Exhibits & Performances:
Just a month after Indie Komiks Exhibit, Patrick Rawwrr Enrique held the fort and raised the flag for the entire INDIE community by staging his very own one-man exhibit entitled:

Which was both a hit amongst other komikeros,
his Mason brethren 
and various Warrior Poet's patrons/customers.
Exhibit pieces to be included were:
L Series 1
L Series 2
Which were nifty pieces by themselves for some of them are interconnecting/interchangable.
A few of our personal favorites from this collection were:
and our personal favorite:
It was indeed a successful exhibition. A night dedicated to the Rawwrr-meister!
And again, a belated congratulations on this momentous undertaking.
And happening on the same day as our teaching over at the House Of Refuge, our evenings were then preoccupied by our monthly habit: It's READING COMICS!

Now in it's uhm..Tomo 2 Bilang 1 Take 2??? 
WAIT! Wasn't it supposed to be at IX?
I dunno, this is when the sequencing got really confusing.
Either way, the set-up never changes.
It's kinda like poetry reading pero komiks. I guess that sez it all!
We arrived relatively late and in addition to that this documentation wouldn't be as extensive as the previous ones due to our malfunctioning camera ( it couldn't adapt to Uno Morato's darkness, although it was automatically able do so before, ang weird talaga ng Nikon!!!) and a limited space on our SD card. All of which would only allow us to snap a handful of workable photos.
So sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Jameson.
As we've mentioned earlier, we missed out on two speakers. It being Mervin Malonzo and Adam David. We arrived to the sound of laughter. It came as no surprise for it was Toto Madayag's 
(Libreng Komiks) turn on the microphone.
My photos doesn't do the man any justice so please visit his Facebook page instead.
ORRR better yet, buy his book. Which was successfully crowdfunded a month ago and is currently awaiting your order.

ALSO, currently available at Comic Odyssey.
And next up is Russel Molina
the writer of 
He shared small trivias about Sixty Six's lead lolo character and how it relates to a previous project that he and Marcushiro had worked on.
Again, pardon the quality of the photos. It's not at it's finest as of the moment.
Russel also recommended Ramon Lee's Panciteria. A famous eatery located at Ronquillo, Sta. Cruz.

And after which we took a short break to empty our bladders/urethra.
Then we came back to the quiet storm that is Carlorozy Clemente.
We were then introduced to the Brgy. Bakbakan grid but more importantly to his badass of a character named PADRE MAXIMO!
This was actually a tag team performance for the succeeding reading would be from Josel's introductory story of Bear.
A reading that would later on be backed up by a looping Talking Heads -Psycho Killer music.
The story ended with a punch, no literally!
Much to delight of the audience members.
We capped off the night with the latest sampling of Apol Sta. Maria's work:
And then we recited our ABC's (wait till we get to "W"),
then a class picture is just waiting to happen.
And that's all 5 events in one journal. It's several months/years behind schedule but it's always better to be late than never so YEAH!
That's about it!
See you on the next entry then, fine folks of the interwebs!
Same SSM! time and same SSM! channel!

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