Rack And Pinion

Various on-site snapshots of Ongpin : Manila's premier Chinatown(Binondo).
Located at the heart of both Doroteo Jose & Carriedo Station (LRT-1).
The go to place for all your jewelry, lucky charms, Chinese delicacies, gambling and spiritual needs.
A deeply cultural/historical experience that is a treat for both the mind and the body.

Photographs were taken from April 23 and May 7, 2016.
From the hours of 5:00 -7:00 PM.
Name of the store would be pointed out not unless the presence of a signage is visible.

Here we go.
Ongpin St. area.
Sto.Cristo de Longos
(Located on the right side of Shopper's Mart).
Located on the left side right before entering another arch/gate to Formosa/Salazar Bakery area.
View from the right side of Cafe Chino.
Dined at a place called:
Also conveniently located along the Ongpin strip.
And t'would be the also place where we celebrated Mother's Day.
P99 Mamis for mommies!
Terrible puns aside, let's continue...
Chinatown Gold Center area.
Escolta area.
Ronquillo area.
Plaza Sta.Cruz area.
Plaza Lacson area.
So there you go!
This is simply one place out of the possible hundreds and thousands of tourist destinations that you could see and feel in the Philippines.
The Philippines, a place where pleasant memories and happier pictures are just waiting to happen.

And with that in mind, we leave you with a little improv poem.
Think of it as Berso Sa Metro: SSM! Style!
Pilipinas, kay ganda.
Pilipinas, kay saya.
Pilipinas mabuhay ka.
Kung kaya't halika na!

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