Let's Get Wicked

Welcome to SSM! Girlfriends, a place where we celebrate fashion, style and all that jazz!
It's a classier/condensed version of our monthly(sort of!)-quarterly SSM!'s Babe Of The Month.
And for our very first entry, it's the very alluring model: Ashley Moore:
just look at those sweet ass lips!
*Pictures courtesy of:

Her face has that "paintingesque" (is that even a word?)
look to it and would definitely be an excellent muse for any artist and photographers alike.
And just as long as we can mental juggle/disassociate thoughts of her and Justin Bieber, then we're all gonna be fine. Let's just appreciate as to how beautiful she really is!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashley_moore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashleymoorem
And that's that, BYE!
Catch us again on our next post, same perverted time, same perverted blogspot!

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