Weekend Christ Chapelstar

Since the first run was such a success, here's part two of what we do on the weekends.
Because this is how SSM! spends their free time.
Sad, alone and full of self-loathing!
Glad that's over, now on with the show!
First half of our friday's were spent paying the bill (@ Globe Telecom SM North Annex)
and playing arcade games.
Which games?
These games to be exact!
Spent a total of P50.00 on arcade tokens.
This was money well spent and anyone who disagree can go fuck themselves in the ass.
Spent half of the game donning this ugly costume.
This surely doesn't look like anything Bruce Lee would wear.
Not then, not now, not EVER!
TEKKEN 5 : DARK RESSURECTION is good and all
but TEKKEN 6 is where it's at!
It controls like a dream and every button is a move on it's own.
With impossible to beat bonus stages
a little something-something for the laydiesss..
Bought a couple more books at BOOKSALE.
And again, it was money well spent!
We also did this installation art @ NBS.
Hashtag NoticeMeSempai

July 26,2014 (Saturday)
It was a pretty rainy day and it didn't help much that we've decided to do
some last minute shoppings @ Halina.
Ah Toriyama, you and your petite ladies,
giant Nameks,
inn-sane crossovers,
and Foot Kamehamehas.
Together with these 3 books with varying levels of perversion!

Making us even poorer than ever. But an inch closer to our target goal.
We don't have that much pictures from the event but we did snapped on two
of our P10 Tissue Paper Commission.
Done for Rommel "Omeng" Estanislao
Patrick "Rawwrr" Enrique, respectively!
Spent our evenings watching the Tagalized version of Ancient Aliens
Giorgio A. with tiny baby hands!
because the ancient Sanskrit text made us do it!

August 2, 2014 (Saturday)
Indieket 2014.
Oh wow!
Free books at the entrance, NEATO!
We weren't even supposed to be there on the count that our registration form didn't make it.
But thanks to the power of friendship (Thank you, Happy Lockjaw!) and asking nicely (Thank you, Komikon Committee).
We are now proud owners of an impromptu booth.
That we used productively up untill THIS happened!
And now we were left chairless and tableless.
Like a saiyan without a planet!
Again, thanks to Kowtow Komiks for temporarily adopting our sorry ass.
Enough of the sad stories and now for some good news.
Not only are we best at Tissue Paper Commissioning,
we are also the best at charades!
Other pictures from the event:
Komikon Hauls:
Indies with the most:
Insane artworks from other artists:
We would also like to point out that YOURCOMIC SHOP FRIALDE is one of the better emerging comic shops out there.
Their dibs/reservation set-up is convenient ,systematic and truly reliable. And you even get this nifty little tote bag with a Christmas card on it.
The books are all in good condition and in their respective backing board and mylar bag.
A 10 out of 10 for top notch service and variety of titles.
As Macho Man Randy Savage would have said it himself....THE CREAM OF THE CROP!
The Best of the best:
Biggest disappointment since Dragonball Evolution:
My freebie:
Scud is cool and all but we don't think this story is for us.
Anyways, that's that!
A fun filled weekends of being broke, doing geeky things and getting wasted.
This is indeed the good choice & the good life!

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