Freeky Parched Earth

So here are the OTHER events that came (heh,came!) after Elbikon.
You might have noticed that most of them don't carry as much pictures as of the previous post, this was due to
the fact that we were either too tired/too lazy OR we arrived late and with that in mind, selling would
be the top priority hence we simply couldn't find the time to do all those crazy documenting-reviewing shit that we usually tend to do.
Earth Hour Sketching Activity

Sold a single copy of COSMIC FRIENDS.... to these friendly fellows.

Got to draw Crimean prosecutor, Natalia Poklonskaya,

and that was it!
Went to Josel's 'Wooty Baby' readapalooza and had a fun night.
Summer Komikon 2014

Arrived around 11 am.
YES, 11 AM!
A world record so to speak.
The earliest we've ever been in the history of FOREVER.

Got to unveil our newest creation. Specifically THESE badboys.....

Bought this from the newlyweds "BRUCUS SIMNADA"
It was as majestic as QUEEN ELIZABETH with chikenjoy-ish legs and all....
Sonni & Chez
This Girl
"Wala man sa SULYAP pero nasa ABANGAN naman!"
I think that sez it all.
Truly a spectacular sight to behold.
One of those special moments that made me feel appreciated and that we have FINALLY earned our spot in this CIRCLE OF LIFE we called Indie Komiks.
Was able to sign a decent amount of ABANGAN.

Mild regret: Wasn't able to pitch my "OTHER" products while signing their books.
Duely noted, Sir Carl!
What we intended to buy:
 What we ended up buying:
We went home broke, bit more than what we can chew.
But it was alright, we were simply dog-tired hence we weren't that ray of sunshine
that everyone would expect us to be.

But we must say that the WRESTLEMANIA 30 afterparty was pretty sweet.
There's no getting over the TAKER match to say the least.
But we did however went home with these new reading materials.
Sidequest: THE GRANDBUDAPEST HOTEL was an awesome movie.
Our recommendations were never wrong or crappy.
Ohhh! @ dem colors and Ahhh! at dem shocking scenes.

Got these 4 books.
The HAMSTER books were just so full of WIN.
With bonus art such as these..
FCBD 2014
Where do we even begin?
We arrived SOOOO frakk'n late that everyone's preparing to go home.

But the good news is that we do have a new book entitled:
which only a handful (most of which were our friends)
get to see.
So again...THANKS, YOU GUYS!
We were so fuck'n tired that sleep is the only thing on our minds.

And oh yeah, somebody took our loot (sonnovabitch!)
so however you are that pretended you're me....
Enjoy those free swags while it last and always remember that your soul belongs to SSM!.
And we intend to collect in full.
Kinda bummed out about it since we really wanted to read either DEFEND COMICS or ZOMBIE TRAMP.
But thanks to YOU, we no longer can.

Wasn't able to meet our pals Aaron, Rob, Macoy & Rawwrr. Well, that's another shot to the nuts.
A minor setback, I guess.
But we did score some free COKE....and SPRITE.
And some free candies too that somebody left on the table...
Gawd we sounded so miserable because the fact of the matter is, we really are!
We did however got us this nifty shirt from Mam Buena (Thank you po!)
And had a little chit-chat with Sir Sandy.
And a couple of books from Josel.
Magika with character lifted from the movie Dayo : Sa Mundo Ng Elementalia.
GIANT-SIZE,my ass!
It's only slightly bigger than an ENJURIKI!
Got these 3 lovely ladies for a hundred.
And best of all, THIS sampler
Thank you, Benj!
(which contained our work, of course! HAH!)
and this rather stylish ABANGAN sampler
(which looks mighty fine, sitting next to his crimson red brother, ABANGAN).

All in all it was a fun experience and just like in the previous events the
after party is where it's at. REAL TALKs are fun , engaging and downright genuine.
It's a test of character and endurance.
And that was how we celebrated these 3 events.
So how was your experience on these 3 events?
Do tell us all about it on the comment section below.
That's that!

Au Revoir, our dear Friends & Lovers!
See you again soon!
Same SSM! time, same SSM! channel!

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