Abangers 101

We couldn't stress this enough but we are in a book called ABANGAN.

Why is THIS such a big deal?
It's being printed by VISPRINT, that's why!

Picture courtesy of The Yellow Library

and here's one more thing!
It's in motherfuck'n bookstores, NATIONWIDE.
Our work appears in the book.
Our name also appears in the book.
I am on the god damn COVER, ferchrissakes!
What more convincing do you fuck'n need, you sweet piece of shit?
This sort of thing doesn't happen everyday, so grab a copy NOW ,you nutless cocksucker!
Buy one and tell your friends...
don't be a fuck'n asshole!
Buy as many as you can, buy a truckload even!
It's a worthy investment and you can thank us later most especially when you're old, bed-ridden and pooping in your pants.

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