Break It Dawn

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Let's analyze our artwork, shall we?
Let's see how many easter eggs you've already spotted even before our deconstruction.

Hellvetica - Other than being named after a font (Arial's better twin),
she would later on evolve to a more wolf like being called Evola.
She would have numerous battles with Combatron and the gang but most notably against a fellow female space warrior named Metalika.

Quietus -  Surprisingly enough, the name actually meant something.
  1. death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life.
    • archaic
      something that has a calming or soothing effect.
Which is quite fitting since Quietus would later on evolve to Genocide.

He would then develop an ability to speak , turn into a giant
and infect other robots with virus.
His name is probably a reference to the band called Quiet Riot.

Gahenus - Death Metal's home planet.
Reconstructed with the help of his comet.

Mauicus - The water space warrior with a Shark gimmick.
His name is probably inspired by the
Maui & Sons clothing line from the 90's.
That or either by Jaws or Baywatch. Either one are actually very believable fan theories

Caligulus- The robot with 4 arms as sent by Abodawn himself.
The space warrior boast of (in addition to the 4 arms) a strong armor and conveniently hidden nipple lazer beams(not it's actual name).
But was later on disposed of using Combatron's trademark Galactic Space Sword. Probably named after the Roman emperor Caligula
( See, not every one of those space warriors were named after a heavy metal bands.
Some were named after actual people. Roman royalties to be exact.)

Galigun - The robot hunter.
The space warrior with all sorts of tricks and weapons up it's sleeves.
Has two other forms underneath his corroded armor.
The manananggal(self-segmenting aswang) form was by far our favorite.
This is a very Boba Fett inspired character, I guess?
Or I'm probably wrong here so what the hey....

Obscured by the other dead robots:
Octopay - the giant mechanical octopus as piloted by Alchitran.
Which would later on be defeated by the unlikely alliance between Combatron and Mauicus.

You could read that exact said chapter here, with pages as contributed by US :
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Other questions that needs answering.
Q: Why are there grid patterns on the floor?
Because the source material dictates that there should be grid patterns like those on the floor!
Why, would you rather have Versace on the floor instead?
That shit's pretty pricey, yo!
Q: Why are there only three stars in our artwork?
A: Because it's made in the goddamn Philippines!
We're all about 3 stars and a sun, son!
Q: But where's the Sun?
A: Uhm yeah..... within this movie, I guess?

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