One Day Isang Drowing

Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought of receiving a full body sketch from one of my childhood heroes, Elmer Damaso.
Yes, Sir Memer (aka I.Q.40 on Deviantart) of Culture Crash and K-Zone fame!

And it even contained a sweet little dedication for lil' ol' me.
All of which a younger version of myself would've died for.
I guess being part of the komiks community/convention scene has it's pros and cons but meeting your heroes and bridging the gap between dream and reality is definitely a pro on our book.

Also worth pointing out is that the "Art Noob" salutation header was done in jest and was specifically requested by us.
Sir Memer had nothing to do with it and in NO way a dismissive remark from the veteran artist.
We simply wanted to make this sketch meaningful and be more memorable (as it should be!) to us in the process. This was a monumental-once in a lifetime thing hence the only way to immortalize the moment was to let someone we idolize address our artistic incompetencies. Which Sir Memer happily obliged hence we wouldn't have had this wonderful sketch/story to blog about.

This truly was, both a humbling and a deeply inspirational moment in SSM! history.
This defining artifact would be displayed alongside the Berlin Manalaysay artwork,
and our very first Bra Money.
We're already planning in advanced because that's how much we treasure these SSM! related memorabilias!

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